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Customer reviews

I've been sick a lot since I was little, and in the fall I'm always looking for an alternative to strengthen my immune system. Multivitamins do a great job with this! I take them every day and it will be like this until spring.
Yoanna Simeonova
I love Dr.Bob vitamins, not only because they strengthen the body and immunity, but also because they are very tasty. It is for this reason that I do not forget to take them regularly. For the first time, taking a nutritional supplement is so pleasant for me. I'm already on my second pack and I'm still eating them!
Mila Smilenova
I love Dr.Bob's chewable multivitamins because, apart from being very tasty, they contain some of the most important vitamins for my body! They are always in my bag because of their convenient packaging!
Stefani Stoyanova
Dr.Bob jelly beans helped me a lot. They made my hair grow faster and my nails got stronger and they dont break.
Polina Hristova
I liked the honey lemon throat lozenges the most, which also contain ginger. Even if I feel a slight pain in my throat after a few tablets, everything goes away. I am very satisfied and from now on I would always take them!
Denitsa Ivanova